Good Alcohols vs. Bad Alcohols

What ingredients should I avoid?

This is always the question people seem to ask when in search of products for their hair. So to help out those who have this burning question I’m going to spend the next couple of posts discussing the Good, the Bad & the Ugly about certain product ingredients. Continue reading


Moisture & Length Retention


So this year I am all about retaining length.  As you would have seen in my previous posts for 2015 I am protecting my ends more by challenging myself with a multitude of buns.  But retaining length is not just about protecting your ends. You also have to ensure that your ends are well moisturized so that they would not break.

In this post I am going to talk about the method I use as well as the products for keeping my hair moisturized.

So let us begin! Continue reading

The Natural Hair Blog Directory


So I have recently had the privilege of being listed on The Natural Hair Blog Directory (NHBD).

This website is a place where naturals can go to locate blogs/vlogs that cater to the natural hair community.

It organizes the information into different groups such as kinky hair, coily hair & wavy hair so you can easily find tips for hair that closely resembles your own. Continue reading