Natural Hair


Hey Curlfriends,

I was natural all my life but often wondered what it would be like to have straight hair. My hair in its natural state was and still is very thick. The only difference now is that it lacks in length as I have now undertaken the journey back to the kinks and curls. My main problem when I was natural was manageability. Trying to get a desired look was stressful due to all the pain I endured while combing my hair. I disliked cornrows as they inflicted a lot of unnecessary pressure on my scalp. So my ‘go to style’ was two strand twists. Every weekend I would sit for approximately three to four hours to get them done. This became a bit stressful for my mother as she was the one who undertook this task. So sometimes to ease her up she would hot comb my hair which I enjoyed very much. I liked the straight, sleek look it gave my hair. However, this was only a temporary thing as the humidity caused it to change right before your eyes.

So in August 2009 we came to a mutual decision after much begging on my part and I got my first relaxer. Every-one I knew was displeased with my decision to do so but that did not keep me back. It was great at first but the continuous visits to the salon for touch-ups and all the steaming together with the constant roller setting became a bit much. It was overwhelming.

In January 2012 I decided that I was ready to go back to being natural. I did not know what this journey was going to be like but all I knew was that I wanted to re-gain my curls. I was ready for that change I was ready to embrace my kinky curls. So I transitioned for ten months during which I rocked various protective styles. My transitioning period gave me a chance to experience my first weave. Then one night after carrying out my regular wash and deep condition routine I gave into the tangles and breakage which were too much to bear.  Without any hesitation I got my mother to chop away those dead strands.  Yes! December 2012 resulted in my unplanned big chop (BC). And since then it has been really great.

After my big chop I was a bit reluctant about wearing my hair in its natural state due to the main fact that it was so short. I had no idea what it was like to have hair that could no longer make it into a ponytail. So for most of the time I would rock various berets when leaving the house. This however, was not such a great idea as the berets tend to suck all the moisture from our tresses. So I was doing more harm than good. Well it’s all a learning process.
I am completely in love with the hype behind being a natural. Honestly I have no idea why I ever started relaxing my hair in the first place. I mean I was told by many that it was the wrong decision but you know how it is when you are young. If I had only known then, all the things I know now I would have never gotten that relaxer in 2009.

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