Natural Hair

Tips For a Perfectly Defined Twist-Out

How to get a defined twist-out:

Step 1

Ensure that you start on freshly washed damp hair NOT soaking wet. Our hair is more fragile and prone to breakage when it is soaking wet. It has been proven that we get our best looks on clean hair.

Step 2

Sectioning the hair is very important. Ensure that your sections are workable that you can detangle with the right detangling product for your hair.

Step 3

It is important that you finger detangle. That way you will not have much to detangle with your detangling brush therefore eliminating the amount of shed hairs.

Step 4

The size of the twists does matter. The smaller they are the more defined your look will be. So depending on the amount of definition your are aiming for the size of your twists will vary.

Step 5

Ensure that you evenly distribute your curling cream throughout the sections of your hair.

Step 6

It is necessary to twist firmly starting at the roots to get the most out of the look.

Step 7

While twisting smooth and detangle as you twist down helping to eliminate and tangling.

Step 8

Remember to protect your ends by sealing with a butter or oil of your choice after twisting. If you want a clean finish, ensure that your ends are trimmed.

Step 9

Always wait until your twists are fully dry before attempting take-down. This helps to reduce frizzing a great deal. Untwist by putting oil on your twists or finger tips.

Are there any other steps that you take to get a really defined twist-out?
(leave a comment below that can help others reading this)

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