Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil does everything!

It’s packed with nourishing fatty acids that cure a whole range of issues:


  • Use it in a mask for damaged hair or just to nix frizz. Rub a tiny bit between your palms, then dab on any fuzzy bits. The oil repels water to prevent more frizzing.
  • It also softens rough body skin. Apply it anywhere that you have scaly patches such as heels, shins and it gets rid of them almost on contact.

  • For all those that wear makeup this can also be of great help to you as it removes even stubborn makeup. It takes off even waterproof makeup with ease and without having to pull at skin.
  • Coconut oil also has a place in those humid times. Yes, it helps with those chapped lips. Slather it on before bed and wake up with a smile.

How do you use coconut oil??? 


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