Curls & Naturals Collection from Biocare Labs :

These products are expertly formulated to condition and care for natural hair delivering exceptional results every time.

This fine collection is an:

  • Anti-Oxidant, rich, blend of Natural Honey, Pure Shea Butter, silk proteins, Coconut Oil, Abysinnian Oil and nature’s finest plant essences.
  • Free of Parabens, Dyes, and Mineral Oils and Sulfates

Now that is every naturals dream. The best part, these products are very affordable.

I recently purchased the Curls & Naturals Cleansing Shampoo (12 oz.) and the Curls & Naturals Conditioning Repair Masks (12 oz.)

Both of these products work amazingly on my tresses.  Unlike most shampoos I have tried this one did not leave my hair stripped and with a dry, crunchy feel.  My hair felt very moisturized after shampooing and I did not even pre-poo prior to shampooing. Now that is amazing.  This product managed to remove all the build-up I had on my hair as well.  And a little goes a long way.blog 2blog 1

The deep conditioner was no different. The application of this product was great as it has a lot of slip.  My curls just absorbed the product and the detangling process was a breeze.  Also the scents of these products are absolutely delightful.  These products worked like a charm for me.  I will definitely repurchase



Have you tried products from Biocare Labs?

What were your results?


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