Natural Hair New Year Resolution!!

Happy New Year Naturals!!

Hope you guys had an awesome time over the holidays. I know I did 🙂

So for the new year I want to focus more on protecting my ends in order to retain more length. I spent most of 2014 rocking my hair out by doing a multitude of twist-outs and braid-outs which I love but now it’s time to protect those ends.

In order to do so I’m opting to undertake a bunning challenge. I’m going to incorporate buns into my styling routine for the year 2015. Many naturals have sworn by this method as a great way to retain length.

Buns are styles that keep your ends tucked away from the elements therefore eliminating breakage. Unlike protective styles like weaves and braids your are still able to moisturize your hair especially the ends. Now this is a win, win situation. I don’t see how this method cannot work. It is a simple length retention method.

So ladies feel free to join me in this ‘bun challenge’ for 2015.

I would be posting my progress throughout the year.

Look out for my post with the guidelines for the ‘bun challenge.’

Post pictures and leave comments below about your experiences with buns and length retention.


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