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Talk Time with Brittany

image2My name is Brittany Drummond. I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I lived there throughout most of my childhood. When I was 16, my family decided to relocate to the south. We ended up in Savannah Georgia, and we’ve been in Savannah for going on 10yrs.

Q: How long have you been natural? What length are you currently at?

A: My last relaxer was in March 2012. At that point, I had no idea that would be my last relaxer. I am an inch above armpit length.

Q: What made you decide to go natural? Did you transition or BC? How did your friends & family react to your decision?

A: I’ve always had really thick hair, and before I decided to go natural, I took the time to learn how to “grow” my relaxed hair long. I deep conditioned, co-washed, bunned, moisturized and sealed and stretched my relaxers 5-6 months before a touch up. My hair flourished! After finding a regimen for my relaxed hair, I couldn’t help but to wonder how much more my hair could flourish if I decided to go natural and continue these same practices. It was the best decision ever! I transitioned 18 months before BC. I was a little self-conscious after cutting my hair because I’ve always had longer hair. The support and response that I received from my family and friends helped me so much. My boyfriend loves my natural hair and he always makes sure that I know that. image4

Q: What is your hair regimen like? Do you follow the CG method?

A: I wash my hair twice a week, with conditioner only. I use Pantene for naturals or Cantu Natural Hair sulfate free conditioner. I deep condition after each wash with ORS replenishing conditioner or a home made concoction of some sort. I’ll only wash my hair with shampoo once a month, but I’m always sure to pre-poo with conditioner first. From there I’ll usually use raw unrefined African Shea butter and ORS mango curl pudding to twist my hair in two strand twist and I use the banding method to main the curls for 3-4 days. Before banding I moisturize and seal my hair every night. I follow most of the curly girl method!

Q: What are your staple products?

A: My “old faithful” product is bb’s oil moisturizer hair lotion with aloe. My hair adores that stuff. Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Raw unrefined African Shea Butter and ORS replenishing conditioner are my staples.

Q: What are your tips for retaining length? Do you protective style or prefer to wear your hair out?

A: For anyone wanting to retain length I always suggest Low Manipulation styles and moisturizing. If you decide to wear a bun as your low manipulation or protective style make sure you’re moisturizing and sealing every night after you take your bun down. Deep conditioning is also very important. I make sure to deep condition with every wash.

Q: Do you think it is possible to retain length without protective styling and only wearing low manipulation styles like twist outs?

A: Protecting your ends is most important in length retention. Your ends are fragile and it’s the oldest part of the hair, it should be handled with care. That is how length will be retained. Whether you decide to do a twist out or a roller set, take a little extra time to give your ends some TLC.

Q:  What natural hair gurus do you follow?

A:  I follow heyfranhey, Tarenguy, naturalneiicy, BaronessCountess, itsmyrayeraye, eclark6 just to name I few.

image5Q: Talk a little about your hair color.

A: My hair color is actually a box color from Creme of Nature for Naturals. I was desperate for a pop of color and I dyed it on a whim. I noticed a change in my hair texture caused by the hair dye. It loosened my curl pattern. I didn’t obtain any irreversible damage, I just have to make sure that I am moisturizing the color treated hair religiously. The color was semi-permanent and lifts periodically.

Q: What advice would you give to newly naturals?

A: My advice for newly naturals is to join a forum or social site, find naturals on IG or Facebook, make connections, ask questions and be inspired. Make hair goals and take lots of pictures. It’s a journey not a race, with the ultimate goal of healthy hair. Document it all! Find out what works for your hair, every product will not work the same for everyone’s hair. Make life changes and your hair, skin, and body will follow.image1

Where to find Brittany:

Twitter: @thebrittanyd

Instagram: @brittbnice


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