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Protective Styling vs Low Manipulation Styling

PhotoGrid_1421556847885Many times people use these two terms interchangeably. Truth is they are completely different.

Protective styling is defined as any style that completely tucks away the ends of your hair from damage.  Usually people wear protective styles for long periods of time. Some very popular protective styles are braids and weaves.  These styles help to keep your ends away from the damaging elements thus eliminating breakage.

Like with anything else protective styling does have some cons.

  • Some problems you may encounter when protective styling can range from tangles to dryness.
  • When protective styling for long periods of time your hair begins to tangle as it is being untouched.
  • Also when protected without being cared for regularly it becomes dry which in turn can lead to breakage.

So some might even go as far as to say that protective styling may not be the best option when trying to maintain healthy hair or to even retain length.

Low manipulation styles however do not hide away your ends entirely.  These styles are exactly what the term suggest, low manipulation and works on the premise of you doing simple styles that requires as little manipulation as possible.  Some well known low manipulation styles are wash and gos, twist outs and braid outs.  With these styles you will not do any unnecessary damage as they are quite easy to install.

Even though low manipulation styles do not tuck away your ends it can actually be the ideal way to maintain healthy hair and speedy hair growth.

  • Low manipulation styles are easier to install than mini twists and extensions.
  • They are less taxing on the hair thus minimizing damage.
  • Maintenance of your hair is much easier as well.  Unlike with protective styling you will not abandon your own hair leaving it to become dry and tangled. With low manipulation styles you are able to moisturize your hair regularly thus eliminating breakage.

As you would have realized low manipulation styles are also an option for you when trying to easily care for your hair and maintain length at the same time.

Of course, I am not saying to throw protective styling out the window completely but  low manipulation styles might actually be the way for you.

Do you wear protective styles or low manipulation styles?


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