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The Natural Hair Blog Directory


So I have recently had the privilege of being listed on The Natural Hair Blog Directory (NHBD).

This website is a place where naturals can go to locate blogs/vlogs that cater to the natural hair community.

It organizes the information into different groups such as kinky hair, coily hair & wavy hair so you can easily find tips for hair that closely resembles your own.

Like anything else this site has a multitude of benefits for the users:

  • It gives you great exposure as your blogs/vlogs are featured in one area where it can be easily accessed.
  • You have an opportunity to have your posts highlighted every week in their Weekly Blog Posts Feature.
  • The site helps you spread word of your giveaways that you may have.
  • You can connect with other natural hair bloggers/vloggers on different social medias.

So if you have a blog/vlog go to and submit your information to get listed on The Natural Hair Blog Directory.



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