Talk Time

Talk Time with Suen


Hello! My name is Suen better known as Curly_Kinky_Sue on Instagram. I reside in Northern New Jersey. I’m 26 years young. I am a registered nurse and I am currently pursuing a career in hair and makeup artistry.

Q: Have you always rocked natural hair? If not, when & why did you decide to return natural?

A: Going natural was something that kind of happened overnight. When I was relaxed I would typically stretch my relaxers from six months to a  year.  After I had my first baby I decided that it was time for a change and then one day I just picked up a pair of scissors and my hair was GONE!! Well the majority of it.

The Transition!!
A few days after my BC.

Q: Did you transition or big chop? How did your family & friends react to the decision?

A: I unknowingly transitioned for oa year and two weeks before I ‘big chopped.’ I wore my hair in braid outs, bantu knot outs and flexi rod sets.  I also occasionally straightened my hair which led to heat damage. Due to the heat damage during my transition I also did a mini chop after my initial BC. After my BC I received mixed responses from people.  My family had no issues with it; and I even convinced a few of them to return natural as well; but my work place was another story. I remember walking down the hall one day and one of the Respiratory Therapist looked at me and said ‘Whoa! Your hair is wild.” I just brushed it off and kept it moving. How other people view my hair isn’t important to me. As long as I am happy with it everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant.

Q: What is your hair routine like?

A: At this point in my natural hair journey I have no set routine. My hair and I have such a very intimate relationship to where when she talks to me I listen. She tells me what’s wrong and I fix it! Lol. My favourite products to moisturize with would be Shea Moisture’s yucca and baobab thickening hair growth milk. It leaves my hair moisturized and the slip is amazing!! When I need protein I use Aphogee’s two step protein treatment; I also love Shea Moisture’s JBCO deep conditioning masque.

Q: What is your go-to style?

A: My go-to style would have to be the wash and go. I’m normally really busy with workand my kids so the wash and go is very convenient.

My signature Wash N Go!!
My signature Wash N Go!!

Q: How do you retain length? Do you take hair growth supplements or follow a special diet to help with hair growth?

A: To retain my length I do protective styles and low manipulation styles like my wash and go, braids and weaves. I also use my sulfur oil conco tion to acheive growth. I do not use any other hair aides.

Q: Do you believe growth can be retained by rocking low manipulation styles often?

A: I believe that in moderation low manipulation styles can help you achieve length but sometimes it’s best to just leave your hair alone!

Q: What is something you learned about your hair in the last year that you didn’t know before?

A: My hair and I have been tight from day one so there’s not much that I don’t know about her lol.

Flat ironed hair 36 months post relaxer. Added flexi-rods for body!

Q: State what you love most about your hair.

A: I love my curls! My mane is very unique. I have curls that range from 3b to a kinkier 4a and I love every kink and curl!!!

Where I can be found:

IG: @Curly_Kinky_Sue

Twitter: Jabeauty84


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