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Talk Time with Amber


Hi! My name is Amber Rose Glinton. I am 24 years old and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! I have a little boy named Max who sets my world on fire! 🙂

Q: How long have you been natural? What length are you currently at?

A: I have been natural a year and four months. I’ve only straightened my hair once for a length check but I’m right below shoulder length currently.

Q: What made you decide to return natural? Did you transition or big chop? How did your friends & family react to your decision?

A: Honestly, I was going through a very tough time in my life and I wanted a fresh start so one morning I was in Wal Mart and I walked into the salon and had them buzz all my hair off! It was so freeing and my friends and family loved it and were so supportive.

Q: What is your hair regimen like?

A: I keep my hair regimen as simple as possible and I definitely listen to my hair. I co-wash a couple times a week and deep condition every Sunday afternoon lol. I typically keep my hair twisted up and pinned up during the week. My go to style is a high puff, it’s simple and cute! I stick with using water, coconut oil, olive oil and raw shea butter. They are my staple products. I love all the Shea Moisture products and use them occasionally too. I live by the LOC method. I’ve read about the CG (curly girl) method but have never tried it.

Q: What are your tips for retaining length? Do you protective style or prefer to wear your hair out?

A: I truly believe that protective styling helps so much in retaining length. I always work to keep my ends moist and healthy so that  they do not break off. I always wrap my hair at night to protect it. I can’t sleep without my wrap! Lol.


Q: Do you think it is possible to retain length without protective styling and only wear low manipulation styles like twist-outs?

A: I’ve seen plenty of naturalistas that did not protective style and have amazing growth. I just know that protective styling does work for me and I’ve learned in this journey to stick with what works.

Q: What natural hair gurus do you follow?

A: I like following natural hair pages like Healthy Hair Journey, My Hair Crush, Unconditioned Roots & Relaxed Natural. I like these pages because they feature lots of women and I get a look in to what their natural hair journey is like.

Q:  What are your hair goals for 2015?

A: In 2015, I want lots of growth!!! My first year natural I had great success with growth so I’d like to see the same progress. Also, I want to try lots of new natural hairstyles and make sure my hair is healthy as possible.

Q: What advice would you give to newly naturals?

A: To all my newly naturals I’d say learn to love your hair at every stage. Natural hair is a journey and sometimes it will be hard and same days easy. There will be good and bad hair days so learn to truly love your hair (whatever texture or length it may be), drinks lots of water, eat healthy and love being beautifully, naturally YOU!

Where I can be found: 10405281_10203356410805766_4594573153053279014_n

Instagram: _forevernatural_

Twitter: foreveraryoung


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