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Talk Time with Daña

IMG_20150522_174321-1Hello, I’m Daña. I’m from Jamaica, St. Elizabeth to be more exact and I’m 25 years old.

Q: Why did you decide to go natural? Or have you been natural all your life?

A:  I was natural for 5 years but decided to return natural in April, 2013. The relaxers just weren’t working anymore. I tried different brands and my hair wasn’t being processed. So I took that as a sign and did the big chop and it’s best decision I could have ever made for my hair


Q: How would you describe your hair texture?

A: I think my hair is predominantly 4b, with maybe just a lil 4c at the crown. My strands are fine but the strands at the back are thicker than those at the front, which I think is the result of coloring the top half of my head. So the curls at the front are slightly looser.

Q: What is your styling regimen like during the course of the month?

A: During the course of the month I mainly rock twist outs. After I wash, deep condition and the whole works I make medium sized twists and allow my hair to completely air dry. Prior to twisting I apply the beautiful textures leave in conditioner and I mix some of my moisturizer (ORS incredibly rich olive oil hair lotion) with my styler (beautiful textures curl control defining pudding) as well as a little olive oil and water, and apply that mixture as well. It stays in twists until I have somewhere to go and then I unravel them and fluff. When I get home I spray a little water and add my moisturizer or styler and re-twist. Some days when I unravel the twists I’d wear my hair in a pineapple or puff.


Q: What does a typical wash day look like for you?

A: My wash day is normally Sunday, as that’s a lazy day. I prepoo sometimes with a mixture of olive oil and suave conditioner. I wash my hair in sections with an Aunt Jackie’s sulfate free shampoo or sometimes I use any regular Tresemmé shampoo. I find that washing in sections makes detangling much easier. After I rinse out the shampoo I apply my deep conditioner, which is a mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner (AMAZING), Queen Helene cholesterol, Hollywood Beauty olive oil cholesterol and Wen’s ultra nourishing cleansing treatment. I then apply a plastic cap and allow it to process for about 2 hours. After I rinse that out I spray a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to my scalp and scrub gently then rinse. I then apply any Tresemmé conditioner with a lot of slip, untwist one at a time and detangle, then re-twist. Then I rinse and unravel the twists one by one and apply my leave in conditioner, moisturizer and styler (which I mentioned above)…then I let it air dry and that’s it. It seems like a lot of work but it doesn’t take very long.

Q: Describe your favorite go-to style for days when you don’t have a lot of time.

A: I like to be prepared for the unexpected so I always have my hair in medium sized twists…if I don’t have a lot of time I would normally just unravel them and put my hair in a pineapple or puff.

IMG_20150528_074749        IMG_20150518_115456

Q: How do you combat shrinkage?

A: I hate shrinkage. Shrinkage for me is the devil. It creates a lot of knots and tangles which leads to a lot of breakage, so I always have my hair in twists to keep it stretched. Sometimes I pin the twists to opposite sides of my head to stretch them even more, and I never do wash and go’s.

Q: What are 2 do’s for your texture?

A: Moisturize and deep condition…and a bonus, stay away from heat.


Q: What are your tips for retaining length? Do you protective style often or wear your hair out mostly?

A: In order to retain length it is very important protect your hair at night’s. So try to use a satin or silk scarf, or a pillow case of that kind. Deep conditioning and moisturizing are also very important as they prevent the hair from being dry. Dry hair equals breakage. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and always use conditioners or products with a lot of slip when detangling. My final tip is to eat healthy and drink a lot of water.

My hair is mostly in twists. I only unravel them when I need to leave the house…which right now is not often.


Q: What are your hair goals for 2015?

A: For 2015 I hope to gain a good amount of growth so I can cut off all my colored ends. I wanted bigger and more healthy hair but because I’ll be cutting off my colored ends, my hair will basically be the same length at the end of the year. So I’m just aiming for healthier hair right now.

Q: What natural hair gurus do you follow?

A: On YouTube I follow Yolanda Renee, MsVaughtv, Carib Beauty, My natural sistas, Naturallyme4c and April Bee

Where I can be found:

Instagram: @saya_sann

IMG_20150517_203049 (1)        IMG_20150524_094330


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