Natural Hair

Benefits of Deep Conditioning

I have been told by many persons that ‘Deep Conditioning’ does not make up part of their hair care regimen. This I just DO NOT understand!! So I’m here to explain exactly how this process can benefit your journey especially if your objective is long, gorgeous, shiny, bouncy kinky curly hair.


Kinky curly hair craves moisture like no other.  That’s just the way it is. In order to give our hair that moisture it so greatly desires, deep conditioning is a must.  It needs to be done a regular basis. For me that tends to be at every wash session which is once a week or sometimes once every two weeks depending on my schedule.

Deep conditioning is a very valuable step in our natural hair care routine. This step helps to ‘penetrate, hydrate and revitalize curls, making them smoother, softer and more manageable.

When extremely textured hair like ours is deep conditioned, it is protected against damage from tools that we may use such as blow-dryers and flat-irons (for those of you who use these). Deep conditioning in particular replaces necessary moisture and protein to our hair strands.

However, once the damage is done though, deep conditioning cannot permanently repair it. It will however, help restore strength and shine as it grows out and is replaced by the new hair growth.

So ladies and gents ensure that you incorporate deep conditioning into your routine. It can help make all the difference.

Ciao for now 🙂


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