The topic of hair is such a potent one…

Hey Curlfriends,

This blog is to help all the curly girls like myself who are in search of help to deal with their natural hair. If it is you require tips and tricks on how to style or manage your newly found kinky curls which you have now decided to embrace this is the place.

My first relaxer was August 2009……I did the ‘creamy crack’ deal for more than two years but less than three. In January last year 2012 was my last relaxer. I was ready for change, I was ready to embrace my kinky curls. So I transitioned for about ten months before doing my impromptu Big Chop (BC) on December 5th, 2012.  Yes! I did it…….I made a change. And since then it has been really great. Honestly I have no idea why I ever started relaxing my hair to begin with. I mean I was told by many that it was the wrong decision but you know how it is when you are young.

Big Chop

(noun, verb)

Cutting off all your chemically treated hair in one fell swoop. Some women do it themselves. Others have a significant other, family member or barber do it.

Say Goodbye to relaxers……Say Hello to your kinky curls