Talk Time

Talk Time with Daña

IMG_20150522_174321-1Hello, I’m Daña. I’m from Jamaica, St. Elizabeth to be more exact and I’m 25 years old. Continue reading “Talk Time with Daña”

Talk Time

Talk Time with Sasha

My name is Sasha Hayles. I am currently a senior English major attending Florida A&M University. I am a writer, and I love writing poetry. My personality is very bubbly, but I tend to be quite shy. I like to enjoy life, and travel. I am a simple person.

How long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?

A: I have been natural for about three years now. I decided to go natural because I could not keep up with the relaxed life anymore. My hair was dry and it started to break. 

Q: What was your natural hair journey like? Did you transition or big chop?

A: It was easy for me to go natural because I was used to going months to a year without a relaxer. I transitioned because I was too scared to do a big chop. 3fcf8-sashah

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